September Photography Competition

Last month, we asked Windows Phone users to put their editing skills to the test, and submit the best photo they’ve tinkered with. Below are some of the entries we received. Impressed? We are!

Enter this month’s photo challenge on Facebook or Twitter (#WPphoto). The theme is: ZOOM. We’re celebrating the little things in life – whether it’s a raindrop hanging on the edge of a leaf you spotted during your Sunday walk, or a close up of your dog’s nose – share it, we want to see it!

And here are some of last month’s images:

Luke Wassel

by Luke Wassel

We love what Luke’s done with this image – the focus, the subject and the contrasts. What do you think?

Marcus Toon

by Marcus Toon

Marcus snapped this while he was strolling along the beach somewhere in Devonshire. The image was edited on Nokia’s Creative Studios app.

Cocoa Beach

by Chris Grundy

This image was taken in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Chris, we’re very jealous you got to take it in the first place!

Richard Dorman

by Richard Dorman

We simply love this shot of Helsinki.

To be featured here next month, share your best close ups! Here’s one to get you started:

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